“Bad crops bring scarcity, but it is the violence of well-meaning governments that convert scarcity into starvation.”

Adam Smith

Whoever can farming two corn cobs or two leaves of grass, where just only one grew up, will do good for humanity more than all politicians together.

Jonathan Swift, Viagens de Gulliver

“Soldier without a uniform, hero without a medal.”

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“Keep Calm and Be a Farmer”

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“If Brazilian agriculture were a country, it would be the fastest growing and developing nati0on on the planet.”

BBC London

“Copying the industry is easy, I bring the machine and do the production, now there is no way to copy the tropical agriculture, there is no one to copy.”

Eugene Gudin

“So if you were asked to describe the sort of food producer that will matter most in the next 40 years, you would probably say something like this:
someone who has greatly increased the production and seems able to continue increasing;. someone who has water and land reserves;
someone who be able to keep a large cattle herd;
someone who is productive without massive state subsidies.
and perhaps someone with fertile areas available…
In other words, you would be describing the producer from Brazil.”

The Economist – (The Miracle of the Cerrado)

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Grupo Cabrera originates with immigrants from four different countries: Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. These early settlers established over 100 years of proud tradition in agricultural activity in Brazil.